We realize our salsas are different, which we totally understand can lead to more than a few questions. We thought we would address the most common questions we have come across

I have a jar in front of me. What now?

First of all, thanks for your purchase! After opening the jar, you’ll see the oil on top. The chilis will have settled to the bottom. Now grab a spoon and mix up the contents. Smells great, huh? Your mission is to mix both oil and chili together to make a nice thick paste. The chilis that are at the bottom will have settled and compacted a bit while on the shelf. This is completely natural. It may take some muscle to dig into the chilis and slowly get the oil mixed in. Keep mixing until no chilis are left on the bottom. It’s now ready for serving, a few drops at a time. Trust us, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts!

How is it best served?

We follow a simple rule: Stir, Scoop, and Drizzle. Depending on your tolerance for heat, you might end up drizzling just a few drops, or drizzling an entire spoonful. Start small, and work your way up.

What’s the difference between the Traditional, Blueberries, and Peanuts versions?

For starters, the heat levels are different. The Traditional is HOT (3/3), the Blueberries is MEDIUM (2/3), and the Peanuts is MILD (1/3). In terms of taste, the Traditional has more of a smoky flavor. The Blueberries exhibit a bit of fruity sweetness along with a bit of spice. The Peanuts is more of a nutty flavor and has more of a crunchy finish.

Do I shake before use?

Nope! After opening the jar, take a spoon and stir the contents well. This means mixing the chilis that may have settled at the bottom with the oil that is at the top. Don’t be afraid to slowly dig into the chilis with the spoon to get the stirring started. Go slow, be patient! At the end, when everything is mixed together, you’ll end up with a nice thick paste ready to be enjoyed! 

Is refrigeration required after opening?

Nope! After opening you can leave it out at room temperature for up to a year (but we doubt it will last you that long :) 

What foods can I pair this with?

Use it as a condiment on prepared foods. My favorite: drizzle onto tacos. Use it as an ingredient when cooking food. My favorite, when preparing Shrimp Diablo. Use it as a marinade when getting ready for grilling. Use it as a mix-in for spreads, like in hummus or mayonnaise. We have a list of suggested pairings on each product page, within our Shop. But by all means, be adventurous and give it a shot! Take a look at our recipes page for some additional ideas.

What are your ingredients?

Our base is always Olive Oil. Depending on the flavor, we use a blend of Guajillo, Cascabel, Arbol, and Morita chiles, and different seasoning ingredients. We have them all listed on the product pages within our Shop. We stay away from preservatives and anything artificial. We use the same cooking methods as per the original recipe used by my grandmother. 

Where is Cascabel Salsa Gourmet from?

The recipe is originally from my grandmother who was from Jalisco, Mexico. However, we handmake Cascabel Salsa Gourmet in Houston, Texas.

How about allergens?

Our Traditional Chili Oil does not contain any major allergens. Nothing to worry about there. Our Peanut Chili Oil contains peanuts and sesame seeds (and may contain tree nuts, wheat, milk, soy). For our Blueberries Chili Oil, the blueberries we use are processed in a facility with products that may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, milk, eggs.

Hmmm, where did the oil go?

If your Cascabel Salsa runs out of Olive Oil, but still has chili on the bottom, you can pour in some more of your Olive Oil and keep using it. Just mix it up and serve!