Story of Cascabel Salsa Gourmet

MUCH MORE THAN SALSA Cascabel Salsa Gourmet is Family

Passed down from generations, Cascabel Salsa Gourmet’s carefully guarded recipe came from my mom who learned the secret of its preparation from my abuelita in Jalisco, Mexico.

When the spicy, smoky flavors of Cascabel Salsa Gourmet hit my taste buds, I’m transported to my family’s Saturday get-togethers in Mexico City. That’s where, as a little girl, I visited the local markets with my tías who’d sort through countless chiles, picking only the perfect ones.

Back home on the kitchen table, with the chiles spread over paper, my family would gather around to carefully clean them while catching up on gossip and news.

Afterwards, abuelita prepared the salsa, combining the chiles with other ingredients in precise proportions. Delectable aromas soon filled our home, letting us know we could soon dig in.

Passing Cascabel Salsa Gourmet around the table to my children today, I’m proudly bringing my family recipe to a new generation.

From my family to yours... enjoy Cascabel Salsa Gourmet at your table today.

We co-founded Cascabel Salsa Gourmet in Houston, Texas in 2016.

We were both born in Mexico City, and became good friends in Houston, the city we and our families call home.

Missing flavors we enjoyed while growing up in Mexico, we decided to use a traditional family recipe to handcraft Cascabel Salsa Gourmet.

We love making our salsa, and are excited for you to taste it!

Proudly made in Houston, Texas!